Italy Travel

Most people dream about traveling the world with their best friend. My best friend of 20 years and I decided that we were going to take on Italy together. We hit up Rome, Pompeii, Sorrento, and Positano, and even though it was chilly, we had a blast.

We kicked off our adventure in Rome. Don't come for us, no we did not go to the colosseum. We decided that the Trevi fountain and the Vatican were the priority - 24 hours in Rome and it was EPIC. Things in Rome that I thought were highly rated:

  1. Walking up the Saint Peters Basilica, it is the best view of the city and walking around at sunset is an absolute must
  2. Getting out of the tourist trap areas for food. Restaurants that have people advertising outside and try to grab you to go inside are a RED FLAG
  3. The Vatican is beautiful and a must do if you have never seen it before.
  4. The green lime scooters are the best and most fun way to get around the city center
  5. The ice cream EVEN IN NOVEMBER IS A MUST. So not get fooled by gelato not in the SILVER TINS!

After that, we headed down south to Pompeii, which was absolutely mind-blowing. The ruins were so well-preserved, and we felt like we were transported back in time to ancient Rome. One of my favorite captures from our day at Pompeii was this massive Bonsai looking tree. It is crazy to see such beautiful life among the rubble of a city plagued by destruction.

Last but not least, we made our way to the stunning town of Positano on the Amalfi Coast. The views were unreal, and we spent our days exploring the town, lounging on the beach, and eating all the amazing local food. The highlight was making some friends from Washington! Enjoying pizza and espresso martinis with new friends was a highlight of our trip <3

Seriously, this trip was a dream come true. If you're thinking of heading to Italy, you gotta hit up the Almalfi Coast- it will not disappoint!

Huge shout out to Tek and Tik Tok for planning and finding so many cute spots, hole in the wall restaurants and lil shops <3