Do you shoot destination weddings?

Yes, yes, yes! We absolutely love to travel and are currently offering to do destination weddings at no extra charge! If you wanna know more, fill out our contact form :)

What gear do you use

For photography, we currently use the Canon R6 and Canon 5D Mark IV. We have a large range of lenses and switch between them throughout the day!
For video we use a Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6k pro camera and a Pocket 4k as a secondary camera.

Can I order prints through you?

Yes! You can order prints through our online gallery called Pixieset. They use a very high quality printing service which we strongly recommend. Pixieset is the website we use to deliver digital images which makes it a very convenient way to organize and order prints.

How many images do you deliver?

We aim to deliver at least 75 photos per hour although usually we deliver more! We try to give you as many unique photos as possible without spamming you with bursts of the same pose.

What's the average investment?

For clients booking photography and videography their average investment is $6000. For clients booking just photography or videography the average investment is $3500. Inquire for package details.

What's your delivery time on photos and videos?

We aim to have your photos finished within 6-10 weeks of your wedding depending on the time of year. We always send a few previews a day or two after your wedding to share with family and friends!