Hi! We are Simone & Tomasz.

We are a husband and wife wedding photography duo based out of Vancouver, Canada. After falling in love with each other, we fell in love with capturing priceless moments from behind the lens. We got engaged on one of our backpacking adventures in Scotland and got married June 2020 in the Whistler wilderness.

To give you a little back story of how we became Simone and Tomasz Photography, Tomasz got a camera right before his first backpacking trip to Europe in 2016. Not knowing how to even use his camera, he quickly learned and developed into the photographer he is today. Not long after, Simone purchased her first camera and took it on adventure after adventure, instantly falling in love with it. Capturing the moments along our adventures is how we both came to love what we do today. Taking our cameras on epic hikes through the Swiss Alps, the coast lines of Portugal, the Highlands of Scotland and through the beautiful PNW forests of Vancouver fueled this passion for photography.

What really helped develop our craft to what it is today, has honestly been the people that we've had the privilege of shooting. The one thing that we value over our love for photography, is you guys! We absolutely love getting to know your unique stories, going for adventures and building friendships with you!


Tomasz is a die hard adrenaline junky and loves to do anything that may be “crazy” or perhaps even “stupid”. When he’s not taking photos you’ll probably find him snowboarding, cliff jumping, surfing, bouldering, or doing something else that will give him that rush. His passion for photography began when he bought his first Fujifilm camera before embarking on a backpacking trip throughout Europe in 2016. Since then Tomasz has returned to backpack Europe every year. In 2019 he kindly decided to bring along his girlfriend and got her hooked on the backpacking life. Traveling catalyzed that passion for photography.


Simone also loves to travel. At the age of 11 she took her first trip outside of North America to Thailand. Being so gripped by the experience she convinced her parents to take her back a year later! She loves exploring different cultures and has been to over 20 different countries! She is currently in school working on mastering French. Tomasz’ adrenaline spirit has rubbed off on her a bit and she has partaken in some rather sketchy hikes alongside him.

I (Simone) have been so lucky to find a person who loves to travel and capture beautiful moments as much as I do! Even if he brings me to the edge of insane cliffs and makes me hike down mountains in the dark, I am so beyond grateful to work alongside my best friend and share so many passions together.

In saying all that...

We're here for you and want you to have the most special, stress free and fun wedding day. In our experience, the best photos come from genuine happiness which is why we just want to make sure that you guys are having fun!

Anyways... that's enough about us. We want to get to know you and start planning your perfect dream wedding day :)